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An interview with...

Photographer, Nicole Nodland

Accomplished photographer and co-founder of Us of America magazine, Nicole Nodland gives us an inside look into her photography world and love for Notting Hill…
Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do for a living...
I am a photographer and the editor-in-chief of a magazine called Us of America. 
What inspired you to become a photographer?
When I was young, my dad gave me his old camera, and my mom had subscriptions to Life and Vogue, which I collected and found endless inspiration from. I would dress up my friends and used them as models. I got hooked on trying to capture that one image that makes you feel alive when you know you’re taking a decent picture. 
What inspired you to start Us of America?
 I wanted to create a community, to bring people together to share their stories, feelings, and thoughts about the current climate in America. It feels like not much has changed in forty years - how can we do better? When I was young, I was so inspired by a book called 'Free to be Me’ by Marlo Thomas. It was just about empowering young kids and saluting values such as tolerance and freedom to be whoever or whatever you want to be. So that was also a big part behind the magazine... we are all in this world together and let’s celebrate our individuality.
What are your most picture-worthy spots in London?
I love all of the parks, especially Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, and Hampstead Heath. The Waterloo bridge and surrounding area for that kind of modern 60’s aesthetic.
 What do you love most about Notting-Hill?
Having moved to Notting Hill from New York City, I really appreciate Notting Hill’s charming village feel, and everything is here. I love the juxtaposition of the rough and smooth. What I love most is the eclectic mix of people and that all cultures live here together and make this neighbourhood special.
What is it about Portobello Hotel that keeps you coming back?
There are so many reasons. Walking to the hotel is always a pleasure - you turn around the corner and see all the gleaming white houses lined up. The hotel itself...the history, the charm, the atmosphere... it’s genuine and authentic. It doesn't feel intimidating and it is very warm and inviting. Just to have all your uniquely designed rooms as well, I always enjoy hotels that have so much history behind them.

If you want to escape the bustle of the city where would you go?
I would say the Cotswolds and Cornwall. 
What is your favourite place for a drink in London?
There are so many favourite places! I definitely like The Electric, both the members bar and the diner downstairs.
What is your favourite Restaurant?
I love E & O, it is on Blenheim Crescent, and the restaurant has such nice lighting and warmth and, every item on that menu is absolutely delicious, especially the black cod.