An interview with...

Influencer, Martyn Gayle

Celebrity hair stylist and owner of G-Something, Martyn Gayle, gives us an inside look at his Notting Hill.

What do you love most about Notting Hill?
There’s something unique about Notting Hill.  The way it flows, the pace.  I like the energy and I still think West is best!

Favourite hidden gem?
My new discovery is Cockney's Pie & Mash on Portobello Road. It’s been there for many years and it’s good old traditional cockney fare. The team are lovely and down to earth.  They are very much part of the heartbeat of Notting Hill and I enjoy supporting businesses in the area.

Favourite place for a drink?
I’m not a big drinker, but if I do, I’ll slip upstairs at the Electric or go to the Cock & Bottle.

Favourite restaurant, café?
My favourite for the last nine years is Hereford Road. Chef/Owner Tom and his team are fabulous and never fail to deliver. I also love the local aspect of the restaurant and the service is great!

Best places to shop?
Although Portobello Market is a bit of a challenge, you can still find some terrific things.  You just have to get there super early.  I’m a big Diptyque candle fan.  Beautiful fragrances!  James Perse for the softest cotton t-shirts.

Best way to spend a lazy afternoon in London?
The Electric Cinema.  I love the banquettes at the back, they are super comfortable!  Also, Bermondsey.  The food market is great, especially the oysters.

Top 5 things you recommend to do in the capital?
1:  Hang out with your friends.

2:  Visit the V&A (great for inspiration).

3: I still like tea at Fortnum & Mason, even though they’ve had a re-vamp.

4: If you are at Fortnums, the Wine Bar is always fun for people watching and it's a bit retro!

5: The Photographers Gallery in Soho, a staple since 1971.

G-Something is the go-to hair salon in Notting Hill, located on Portobello Road just north of Golborne Road.